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Entrance waiting-room


We sought to create a balanced impression for when you first enter our facility. A round (Yin) wooden block and the water fountain at the right hand corner exist harmoniously with sharp edged (Yang) picture frame and surroundings.

Enjoy our beautiful ammenities...

bathroom gym


We believe healing can take place outside of the treatment room as well as within, so we have created a healing environment that nourishes your body, mind and spirit.


We follow the principles of Yin and Yang to bring out a sense of balance and simplicity to our facility. Eastern medicine is not only medicine, but also the art of balancing Yin and Yang in the body.


Greeted by the sound of gently flowing water and a tortoise photo, you will enter a professional environment that exemplifies the best of integrative healing.

"One of the best therapists that I have ever met and worked with."


- Danuta Przechodzka, M.D.


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Waiting Room

Treatment Room




Experience peace and serenity in our unique space. The crimson wall symbolizes the sun and the glass wall symbolizes the moon to reflect the balance between Yin (moon) and Yang (sun). You'll enjoy positive energy from gently flowing water with healing music and serene colors.

We try to create a peaceful environment in our treatment room so you can relax and not have to think about the outside world. We also customized all of our furniture to create a modern (Western) look and yet a traditional (Eastern) feeling.

Yin: White tile, white sink

Yang: Dark tile, metal mirror frame

Our gym is equipped with the latest advanced exercise equipments and modalities. We provide upgraded rehabilitation with innovative treatment.